Found Footage Files 001: Alien Abduction

Welcome to the debut episode of Found Footage Files! Hosts Boss Butcher and Kelly Killbot begin their search through this controversial film style, to find the best and worst the genre has to offer. This will be a bi-weekly podcast, which will be released on Wednesdays. We hope you enjoy our efforts, and we look forward to hearing from you, our listeners! (contact info below)

For our first episode we chose a film directed by Matty Beckerman called Alien Abduction (2014). It follows a family on a camping trip to North Carolina’s Brown Mountains and their experiences as recorded by their autistic son.


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Coming soon! Found Footage Files Podcast

We are currently developing a podcast solely devoted to covering “Found Footage” films. These films are polarizing, but we feel they are worthy of coverage in their own right. We hope to provide a bi-weekly show, featuring one film review per show plus interviews with the people making these films. Stay tuned as we work on getting the show ready for launch!