Found Footage Files 091: The Phoenix Incident

This episode of Found Footage Files podcast we review The Phoenix Incident (2015) a found footage film and mockumentary about the Phoenix Lights, the most famous mass U.F.O. sightings in US history. The night of the incident, four Phoenix residents vanished and only their video cameras were recovered. What really happened during that infamous night in March 1997?


Found Footage Files 090: Beware Of The Slenderman

This episode we review the made for HBO movie Beware the Slenderman a documentary about the Slender Man stabbing where two twelve-year-old girls stabbed their best friend in the nearby woods, later alleging that Slenderman ordered them to carry out the attempted murder.

We are also joined by a special guest co-host, Adam Rosner, creator of the Slenderman YouTube series Tribe Twelve (2010). Adam joins us in our discussion of this polarizing film.