Found Footage Files 049: Reel

We have a fun experience for you all this week! It is a film from called Reel from Hidden Horizons Productions. The roots for this film begin on the You Tube Channel of found footage film critic Todd Smith and culminate in the film itself. It is a film that has dramatic contrast and has an amazing amount of thought and planning behind it, and I feel the found footage audience will appreciate the experience, and I can’t wait to hear what you all think!

Also this episode, Michael Steinberg announces his incredible new funding site for Independent horror film makers, and the fans. It is called Support Horror. The site aspires to be a one stop shopping site for both Indie Horror film makers looking for funding for their projects, as well as the fans of the horror genre who like to support it! Please visit the site often as it grows and get behind some of these incredibly talented people!

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