Found Footage Files 052: Hunting The Legend

This week we discuss a bigfoot film called Hunting The Legend (2014). Will this squatchy film make the cut or will Boss’s pet peeve (bickering) sour the ratings? Listen and find out! We also enjoy talking about our first listing, that being on Blumhouse’s “10 Horror Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now”. Thanks to Gregory Burkart and all the people who congratulated us! Here is the link to the article in case you missed it!

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Hunting The Legend

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2 thoughts on “Found Footage Files 052: Hunting The Legend

  1. I just listen to your pod cast and my wife and I was in Hunting The Ledgend. You were correct it was a very cold day when we shot the interview scenes in Alabama. The writer/director’s brother, who is a friend of our twin daughters, called us as we were driving home from Gulf Shores, Al. He asked if we wanted to act in a movie and we started laughing since we are ordinary people with normal jobs living in Alabama and never thought about acting. So we made up our story about 1O minutes worth on the drive home. Then we showed up about a couple of weeks later at his family’s Lake Home to act thinking we would wind up on the cutting room floor. The 5 of us had no lines and we did not know each other. They introduced us then the Director said ACTION we just started telling our story and reacting to the questions we were asked. We had no idea other actors would be involve must less answer question. Next thing I know the director said CUT and one of the three actors we were in the scene with ask me “What else happen when you went back for the gun?” I laughed and said “I don’t know we just made this stuff up.” He laughed back and said “Sorry I just got caught up in the moment and wanted you to finish the story.” We had no idea what the movie was about except Big Foot and just started talking. It was a long day just for 10 minutes of filming and for 15 seconds in a movie but boy was it fun. My wife and I only knew the 10 minutes we were filmed, and it only took one take. Then we watched the movie. I think he did a good job editing the interviews. We had fun and the director is such a nice guy with a great family. I really did like the ending with the dinner bell that blew my mind. That is worth the cost of the movie.

    1. Thanks for the awesome story, Chip! We read it on episode 69 of the podcast when we happened to be talking about Hunting The Legend and it’s upcoming sequel.

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